The people who call Australia home stem from a myriad of multicultural backgrounds and differing lifestyles. 2nd 2 none's evocative wines capture the characteristic and quintessential expressions of both the country, and its people.

2nd 2 none is located in Queensland's fertile Darling Downs. The site chosen to establish the vineyard is on the slope set to the back of the property which has mineral-rich black soil overlaying free-draining basalt. Tall eucalyptus, native pines and low natural vegetation shelter the ridge. These geological and geographical features combine to create perfect growing conditions for Shiraz, Durif, Merlot, Cabinet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Viognier.

2nd 2 none wines reflect a synthesis of old world and new world wine making styles. They reflect vibrancy, evoke memories and stir emotions. Our wines have personalities that surprise and excite, they challenge and demand the extremes of spontaneity and discipline from our winemaking team.

2nd 2 none is open daily from 10am to 4pm and wine tastings are complimentary.

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Sexy, smart and relaxed

Sexy, smart and relaxed by Troy Dodds for the Australian Acreage and Property Magazine

It is described as sexier, smarter and more relaxed - and no, it's not an improved version of Paris Hilton. It's herbal wine - a unique concept that has all the characteristics of traditional wine with just a hint of something different, exciting and fun.

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Vintage herbal wines a winner

Vintage herbal wines a winner: "Gee Spot" a table wine infused with a unique blend of herbs traditionally used by herbalists to stimulate energy levels has been produced by Downs winery 2nd 2 none for the past 18 months.

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